The primary link to make electronic donations and contributions to the Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance is here:

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As of February 2020, GIGA became a legal non-profit corporation under US State of Florida law, Division of Corporations – Authentification code: 420A00002659-020520-N20000001149-1/1

In this capacity GIGA is now known as Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance Inc. and can accept donations to further its mission of promoting genomics education and research. GIGA will have the primary goals of promoting scientific genomics research for invertebrate species, and supporting educational opportunities in relation to this and related fields at a global scale.

Our next project will be to organize the fourth GIGA training workshop and conference in the Philippines for March 2021. More details will be provided at the homepage in the near future.

Paypal link-

We now have a set of by-laws that will guide our community, and which is based on the mission statement in our first original white paper  [GIGA Community of Scientists.  2014. The Global Invertebrate Genome Alliance (GIGA): Developing Community Resources to Study Diverse Invertebrates. Journal of Heredity. 105:1-18. doi: 10.1093/jhered/est084.;]

Thank you for any contribution to GIGA’s mission.

All questions regarding gifts and donations can be made to the following officers

President – Jose Lopez, PhD – joslo [at]

Secretary – Kevin Kocot, PhD – kmkocot [at]

Treasurer – Gonzalo Giribet, PhD – ggiribet [at]

Development/Fund raising Director – Monica Medina, PhD – mum55 [at]

Education/Scholarships Director – Heather Bracken-Grissom, PhD –  heather.brackengrissom[at]

Communications Director – Fabrizio Ghiselli, PhD – Fabrizio.ghiselli[at]

Conference Director – Jean-François Flot, PhD – jflot[at]